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Our Mission

The Vermont Adoption Consortium is comprised of agencies and groups from around the state who have joined together for a common purpose:

to support Vermont's guardian and adoptive families.


The Vermont Adoption Consortium recognizes that adoption is a lifelong process with rewards and challenges at different stages along the way. Therefore, we are committed to partnering with individuals, families and communities to further the knowledge and understanding of adoption and to ensure that all people whose lives have been touched by adoption have access to quality services throughout Vermont.

Beliefs that guide our work:

  • Every child deserves permanent family connections throughout life.
  • Adoption is a desirable plan for children who need families.
  • Raising a child through adoption or guardianship is a lifelong process that unfolds throughout the lives of everyone involved 
  • All adoptive/guardian families in Vermont should be able to access services when and where they need them.
  • Building cultural connections is essential for multicultural and transracial families.